About Us

Rden Group is located in Suzhou, China. It is a comprehensive industrial group company integrating intelligent operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, solar photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic application products, photovoltaic accessories, photovoltaic instruments, metal manufacturing and precision processing.
The Group takes integrity, innovation, music industry, peace, and win-win as its core values, and provides the most valuable products and technical support services to customers with industry-leading technology standards.

  • Intelligent Operating and Maintaining services for all-rounder photovoltaic power station

  • Provide users with a full range of customized operating and maintaining services

  • Cleans PV arrays to greatly improve power generation of solar panels

  • Auto-cleaning in all PV power stations using intelligent scheduling for automatic deployment. Reducing costs of operation

  • More than 120 independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technologies 


We understand that it is our mission to provide safe and reliable technology.

Product Service

Robotic machine with intelligent operating system
to maintain photovoltaic power stations.

Intelligent Operating and Maintaining Service/Operating and Maintaining Robot/Photovoltaic Installing System/Industrial Automation

Project Case

Operating and Maintaining Service

Intelligent Operating and Maintaining Service/Operating and Maintaining Robot/Photovoltaic Installing System/Industrial Automation

Project Case

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